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Pay Wilma Please

I''m told that sometimes you just need to ask for what you want or what you need.  Usually, I''m reluctant to do so, but I''m making an exception at the risk of becoming another cyber beggar.

Pay My Mortgage

Help Pay My Mortgage

Home ownership can be wonderful, but the mortgage can be a black cloud hanging overhead. This is especially true if you''re unemployed or self-employed and trying to meet a mortgage that was so much more affordable when you were making a regular respectable income.  Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should have gotten married so that I would have someone to help with the bills...

Pay My Bills

Help Pay My Bills

When you''re unemployed or underemployed or trying to start a business, eventually the savings run out and the bills start to pile up.  Feel free to help me keep the lights and the internet on at my house.

Fill My Tank

Help Fill My Tank

To find work and customers and to network with potential employers and clients, you have to drive in Texas and that means keeping gas in your tank.  My car is fairly fuel efficient, but it still requires regular infusions of petroleum products and cash.

Feed My Dog

Help Feed My Dog

My dog likes to eat on a regular basis.  I''m crazy about my mutt and want to keep him healthy and happy.  This requires money for food, vet bills, etc.

Pay for My Services

Pay for My Services

If you are a client and would like to pay for my services, I most certainly encourage you to do so. If you are one of the many who have benefited from my assistance without charge, feel free to show your monetary appreciation.